(Really) Young Link's Tunic, in WOOL!

Knitting. Your gran might do it. Chances are, you don't. If you do, first of all, good for you for not being constrained by hobbies that society deems 'uncool' and 'a little bit sad'! Secondly, head over here to download the pattern for this sweet (in more ways than one) baby outfit, that you can then produce and either dress your baby son/daughter/nephew/niece/dog up in straight away, or safely store away until you get the chance.

The link above also features a wider gallery, including a 'Link'-green blanket with Triforce emblem, and a large wooden chest to put it in (The outfit, not the baby).

Luckiest. Baby. Ever.

New (Well, old...) Zelda is first-person game.

What's this? An exclusive scoop on the new Wii Zelda game? Information you can't possibly find anywhere else, which I have somehow inexplicably managed to stumble across and report on my niche, mostly unread Zelda blog? YES! ...NO!

Of course it isn't. What it IS, is a home-made recreation of the first Zelda game, from a first-person perspective. There's only a demo right now, and it's just a little bit buggy, but it's a fun little experiment and worth trying out if you've got nothing else to do. You can get the demo here.

'Hardcore' (read: Alcoholic) Zelda-related Gamer Fuel

I hate the phrase 'gamer fuel'. I hate that there's a product that uses it as a slogan. I hate that I can't think of anything wittier to call this post. I hate that it fits so well. I almost feel dirty writing it. But for now, I'm ok with it.

This, folks, is a Triforce. Dark rum, 99 Bananas (Whatever the hell that is) and Goldschlager, all used to represent Link, Zelda and Ganon respectively, make up this lethal concoction. Drink enough of these, and I assume you'll be taken away to your very own 'Sacred Realm'. Or, more accurately, the emergency ward, getting your stomach pumped.

Check out the full description here.

Life-size papercraft Link: Fifty trees died. TOTALLY worth it.

The whole 'picture speaks a thousand words' thing applies, here. Still, if I didn't add words, this wouldn't be a blog; it'd be a gallery. Oh, and if a picture speaks a thousand words, then a video probably speaks millions, and the subsequent video SERIES explaining how to create this masterful, wonderous piece of time-wastery would presumably speak billions. Am I tempted to give it a go myself? Of course I am. Will I ever get anywhere with it? Of course I won't.

Still, I'm glad someone else did.

Mildly disturbing, vaguely interesting pictorial insight into the life of a production line worker: For the sake of Zelda

Y'know when you're SUCH a big fan of something, that you start thinking "Hey, as long as my job somehow involved me being around my hobby/infatuation/object of my desire, I'd quite happily get up at 7 every morning to go and do it"? Yeah, I wouldn't.

I mean alright, it's probably easy money, putting together FIFTY BAJILLION action figures/statues every day, but as cool as I think Link is, I don't think I could spend all day staring at five dozen copies of his blank, featureless face, especially when it appears that if they had eyes, they'd all be looking right at me.

Scarier than the bottom of the well? Possibly.

Best. Cosplay. Props. Ever.

Has anyone got a spare... $lots? These things look the part and apparently act the part, too:

This shield is multi-purpose! It can be mounted on the wall, worn on your arm, and can even hold a sword while wall mounted for the ultimate display! Full size, the thickness ranges from 1/2 to 1 inch while remaining light and maneuverable. Includes mounting chain, arm band, and handle.

Yes, but can it repel a projectile from an Octorok?

And of the sword...
Additional features:
* Large and loaded with detail.
* Seal engraved on the blade.
* 440 Stainless Steel Blade.
* Not suitable for children, this is an adult sword collectible.

So if you give it to your little brother, expect to have his soul trapped inside it for seven years.

If you're unfairly rich, you can buy 'em here and here.

The Legend of Zelda Tramp Stamp. Also, Oreos.

I'm kinda torn on this one. I mean, alright, she looks quite cute, but then don't most girls from behind? And I do sort-of think that tramp stamps never really look good... I'll most likely end up editing this post later on, but seriously.

This picture also has a packet of oreos in it. Truth be told, all things considered, I'd take the oreos.

Zelda tattoos bring people together

Ordinarily, I'd say something detrimental about these tattoos, but I can't. I just can't. When part of the source article inclues the line "a couple of years ago my two brothers and dad and I started thinking about getting a shared tattoo after my mom passed away", how could anyone honestly say anything other than positive stuff about these tattoos?

And they're actually pretty cool tattoos.

How to shamelessly cash in on a popular gaming series

Well, one method, anyway.

Yes, these peripherals were actually released to coincide with the release of Twilight Princess and the Nintendo Wii, priced at $29.99. Even I, the guy who'd probably bid on an auction for a stick with the word 'Zelda' carved on it (and spelt wrong), didn't buy these. If reading this blog only ever teaches you one thing, let it be this - Never buy this useless, cheap crap.

This has been a public service announcement on behalf of 231, funded by the Society Against Crap Companies Releasing Even Crappier Crap To Cash In On Popular Stuff (SACCRECCTCIOPS).

Word(s) of the day - Perler Beads

Etsy brings us a lot of awesome homemade Zelda stuff. And here's more!

Ridiculously talented handicraft lady Lostmitten brings us this (amongst a buttload of other awesome homemade gaming stuff) this 8-bit Zelda-styled notebook, with designs of 8-bit Link and an Octorok made from Perler Beads (which I have to admit, I had to google).

I can't think of anything funny to close this post with, so let's just assume I did.